It is therefore not surprising to find many car museums in Great Britain. The country is undoubtedly one of the cradles of the automobile, even if its manufacturers have almost all passed under foreign flag. If many no longer have a museum in their names, foundations and Trusts have taken up the torch with vast and spectacular car collections. British car museums often give pride of place to local manufacturers. It must be recognized that there is material, given the number of manufacturers that have existed in the country. The British Motor Museum is well named, as it exhibits almost only vehicles produced on British soil. The National Automobile Museum of Beaulieu, originally the collection of Lord Montagu de Beaulieu, is one of the most beautiful automobile museums in the world as part of the castle park.

Motorsport and racing are also great local specialties You can admire in practically all the automobile museums of the country many testimonies of this passion for racing.

Automotive museums in Britain also seek to pass on the passion to the youngest. They usually offer fun tours and animations that will interest the whole family.

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The content of the pages will evolve according to the news of the automotive museums present, and new museums will regularly enrich the site in the weeks and months to come. So come back regularly to visit these pages.


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