The main Automobile Museums in Germany belong to the major manufacturers. They understood very early on the importance of valuing their history to develop and sell their current cars. In dedicated, spectacular buildings, often designed by renowned architects, they exhibit the jewels of their past with didactic concern and in a playful environment. For “premium” brands, their long history, their capacity for innovation and the richness of the sporting record are the promise of a visit rich in emotions and discoveries.

More than just automobile museums

In addition, these Automobile Museums are often part of a larger whole, a real universe dedicated to the brand. For example, there is a delivery area for new cars and an exhibition of models in production. These are real places to live where you can find café, restaurant, cinema, playgrounds … Families can spend a full day without getting bored! For example, Volkswagen offers pavilions in its “Cité de l’Auto” dedicated to each of the group’s brands.

The relative proximity of the Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche automobile museums makes it easy to consider a road trip tour. For example, visit the cities of Munich and Nuremberg, and enjoy the speed free motorways and fabulous museums!

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