The Automobile Museums website currently references 97 automobile museums in 14 European countries and the United States. We regularly add new museums, the pages are updated and enriched to follow the news of museums and collections. So, do not hesitate to come back regularly to visit the Automobile Museums website.

Automobile Museums in Europe

There is naturally a large selection of automobile museums in the major European manufacturing countries. But there are also many car museums all over Europe, each offering its own particularities, for a constantly renewed pleasure.

Discover the car museums and collections open to the public in your area or your next travel destination. Complete the discovery of classical cultural heritage by adding a visit to a car museum to your program, another approach to history and culture! Or prepare a “car passion” road trip with several museums in the same region!

Automobile Museums in the United States

The “landscape” of automobile museums is different in the USA. Quite few manufacturers museums, in any case managed and supported by the manufacturers themselves. On the other hand, there are many foundations and non-profit associations that manage museums, sometimes having taken over from private collectors. And there are several private collections open to the public, created by passionate amateurs who have made a fortune in business, and are eager to share their passion with the general public.

Fact Sheets

For each museum you will find a brief introduction, some information about cars and especially major, emblematic, rare models… that are exposed. The museum sheet also indicates the other types of vehicles, 2 wheels and motorcycles, commercial vehicles, fire engines on display. Finally, many articles, plaques, posters, art objects reinforce the attraction of the visit for all audiences, not only car enthusiasts.

Museum services

Many establishments also offer a shop, bar or café. Some also offer a snack and sometimes one or more restaurants for a small or big break in the visit.

In the Practical Information section, you will find for each car museum the address, contacts, opening periods and hours, as well as prices. Although we strive to keep this section up to date in connection with museums, it is advisable to check this information on the museum’s website.

Simply click on the desired country to access the list of museums referenced for the country.