The Porsche Museum is naturally in Stuttgart, the company’s headquarters. This car museum has been open to the public since 2009. It is housed in a dedicated building with spectacular architecture, where a hundred cars and many objects retrace the history of the brand and its founder. The Porsche Museum is as interested in both industrial and sporting aspects. The museum’s team also strives to make it evolve and enrich it regularly, in order to renew the interest of the visit when you return to it. Thus, for 2022, the Porsche Museum offers a new “Prologue”, a spectacular introduction to the visit with the aim of immersing the visitor in the history of the founders and their teams.

Cars from the Porsche Museum

The visit of the Porsche Museum allows you to follow the chronological evolution of the models. The exhibition begins before the creation of the brand, with a section presenting the first achievements of Ferdinand Porsche, then an engineer at the service of other brands. Difficult to bring out models when most cars are icons, but we will mention the Lohner-Porsche Semper Vivus (electric car),1st car designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1900, the 356 N°1 roadster, first sports car under the Porsche brand, the famous 550 spyder, forever attached to the name of James Dean, the very first 911s at the origin of a lineage that continues to this day, the spectacular racing 917s or the more recent supercars and hypercars (Carrera GT, 918 Spyder and 919 Hybrid).

Besides cars

Photos, trophies, interactive terminals participate in the decoration and animation of the Porsche Museum. Visitors can also be photographed behind the wheel of a model from the current range, or follow the work that takes place in the museum’s maintenance and restoration workshop, which is separated from the café by a glass wall. Above the workshop, you can also see the archives, a huge collection of documents, magazines, books, photos… dedicated to Porsche. The archives are accessible on specific request and appointment.

Café and restaurants allow you to eat or a small break in the visit. As for the shop, it offers a very large selection of objects, miniatures, mugs, T-shirts, caps, books…

Visit the Porsche factory

You can extend the visit to the Porsche Automotive Museum by going behind the scenes to discover Porsche, where the heart of the brand beats. 3 different tours are available:

  • The 911 and 718 manufacturing plant, including the body/power unit assembly (the wedding)
  • The assembly line of 100% electric Taycans
  • Engine production lines (thermal and electric)

The tours allow you to see how Porsche combines tradition and modernity in its factories, and to better understand the technologies used in both cars and manufacturing.

More information on tours and rates on

Tours depart and return to the foyer of the Porsche Museum and the journey between the museum and the factory is by bus. The main languages of the tours are German or English, but tours are possible in other languages depending on the availability of the guides.

Temporary exhibition at the Porsche Museum

From 19/01 to 10/07/2022, the Porsche Museum presents an exhibition on the 50th anniversary of Porsche Design.

Practical information of the Porsche Museum

Website (in English and German):


All year round, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 6pm
The museum is closed on Christmas Day and January1st


Student, Seniors (over 60 years old), PRM5,00€
Child (under 14 years old)Free
Families (2 adults and 2 children under 18 years old)24,00€
Group (from 10 people), per person8,00€

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