Not surprisingly, the BMW Museum is dedicated to the world of the propeller brand. Opened in the early 1970s, it was redesigned and considerably enlarged in 2008 to have a surface of 5000m² in a building with futuristic architecture. It is now part of a large complex with the “BMW Welt” (the World of BMW). It is naturally located in Munich, right next to the BMW headquarters.

The permanent exhibition part of the BMW Museum is structured in 7 “Houses”, each dedicated to a theme or a category of vehicles, to present the more than century-old history of the brand in the automotive, motorcycle and aviation sectors.

Cars from the BMW Museum

The “House of Series” has been focusing on cars since the 70s, when BMW began to differentiate its models with the 3, 5 and 7 series. We can also see the Z and X models derived from these families. Not to mention of course a space dedicated to M models (for MotorSport), BMW’s ultra-sporty range. Among the cars on display, a few roadsters that are iconic brand models, and one or more “Art Cars”, BMW models that were painted by the greatest artists of their time. The museum has 17 of these unique models, so always exhibits at least one.

Another “House” is dedicated to competition, BMW having distinguished itself in several categories, up to F1. A specific space presents racing motorcycles.

Besides cars

Other “houses” are devoted to design, origins, technologies developed and used by BMW (engines, structures, aerodynamics …), and one specific for motorcycles, the other large production of BMW. Spaces are also reserved for temporary exhibitions. Finally, the BMW Welt allows you to discover current models, the latest technologies and how the company sees the future of mobility. The complex includes several bars and restaurants for cooling and eating, and a shop for souvenir shopping.

Practical information about the BMW Museum

Website (in English and German):


Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-6pm


Students, young people (under 18 years old), seniors and PRM7,00€
Family (2 adults and 3 children max)9,00€
Group (from 5 pers.) 24,00€

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