Evolution of Bigfoot 

Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville (Georgia), USA

Until February 4th, 2024

Bigfoot 4×4 is the name of the company founded by Bob Chandler that developed the first Monster Truck, those huge vehicles that could be described as a pickup truck body mounted on a chassis with huge wheels. Bob Chandler started by modifying his Ford F-250 pickup, one of the most popular vehicles in the United States.

In 1979, he replaced the underbody of the F-250 with that of a military vehicle. 4-wheel drive and steering, 48-inch (1.20m) tires, Bigfoot #1 was born. The Evolution of Bigfoot at the Savoy Museum shows in a few steps how the species has evolved since then. 4 machines are on display, with Bigfoot #8 (1989), the irst CAD-designed Monster Truck and which brought many technical innovations, Bigfoot #20, the first electric Monster Truck (and yes, even this type of machine goes battery-powered), and the only one to date, presented in 2013.

Quite different from the others, the 1987 Ford BIGFOOT Cruiser F-250 4×4 is actually a F-250 offered by Ford with an optional package intended to recall the Bigfoot spirit, but more classic in size as its Cruiser name suggests.

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