Chip Foose’s Garage

Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville (Georgia), USA

Until June 2, 2024

The new exhibition at the Savoy Motor Museum offers a glimpse into Chip Foose’s garage. Chip is a famous American automotive body builder who has worked for several major companies in the field of customs in the USA, before creating Foose Design in the late 1990s. Winner of numerous awards for his creations, a regular exhibitor at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Chip Foose has customized mainly American cars, modifying the bodywork while remaining in the spirit of the car and modernizing the mechanical parts. He also created his own designs, notably in the hot rod style, or by combining a chassis and body of different origins largely modified to create a new car, such as his Impostor, a marriage of a Corvette chassis and a Chevrolet Impala body.

A dozen models, all on loan from Chip Foose, illustrate his work. One of his best-known designs is Hemisfear, the star of the exhibition, whose initial design inspired the Plymouth Prowler. Foose then finalized its own model presented at SEMA 2006, in a stunning lime green livery. The P-32 is a roadster based on a 1932 Ford, a tribute to the “rat rods” that after the war reused aircraft parts. The P-32 is powered by a Lincoln V12. The 1933 Ford Model 40-based Woodie station wagon is less exuberant, unlike the 1967 Chevrolet C-100 pickup, which is equipped with a Z28 Camaro engine. See more of Chip Foose’s creations…

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