Transitions – The Impact of Innovation

British Motor Museum, Gaydon, England

Until Summer 2024

The exhibition “Transitions – The Impact of Innovation” at the British Motor Museum explores the technologies that, even now, are bringing our cars into the future, and speculate on what their endpoint will be… We can already see how quickly cars are shifting. Fobs, keypads, push buttons, and smartphones have been steadily replacing the familiar key turn. Internal combustion engines are slowly being replaced with electric motors and drivers are being replaced with autonomous controls.

What will the car become in the future, and how will the industry take us there? Transitions – The Impact of Innovation brings a fresh perspective, delving into the practical thoughts and ideas surrounding these new technologies. Visitors will leave the exhibition with a greater insight into the direction car engineering will take in the years to come, and how this will affect our day-to-day lives. A combination of cars and interactive stations illustrate areas of future development, such as how cars will be powered, their impact, the materials they use and alternative methods of control.

A number of cars are on display, including a hydrogen-powered Riversimple Rasa and a sectioned Nissan Leaf, alongside interactive elements which allow, for example, comparisons between different technologies. All of these combine for an immersive exploration of the next generation of motoring icons. 

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