Tiny Great Cars – Morris 1100

Autobau, Romanshorn, Switzerland

May 30 to August 31, 2024

The autobau exhibition “Tiny Great Cars – Morris 1100” looks back at an emblematic model from the 1960s in England. The first Morris 1100, the “big sister” of the legendary Mini, rolled off the assembly line on August 15, 1962.  Larger and more spacious than the Mini while remaining compact, it was a perfect example of the “form follows function” formula.

Manufactured on the same platform with nearly 2.5 million units under different brands, it preceded some later developments in car manufacturing. Depending on the brand under which it was sold, it could be an economical, luxurious, sporty, practical, professional car. Flooding the streets of “Swinging London”, the Morris (or Austin) 1100 became the symbol of a progressive lifestyle, breaking with the obvious during a decade of social upheaval and democratising automotive mobility.

Today, it has a new interest. Analog, achievable, affordable, it is of interest to classic car fans and those who wish to become one, also offers professional prospects to those who are closer to the adjustable wrench than to the diagnostic socket.

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