The 2 CV under spotlights in Reims

Reims-Champagne Automobile Museum, Reims, France

Season 2024

The Reims-Champagne Automobile Museum has decided to put the 2CV in the spotlight for this season, by presenting several cars in this temporary exhibition. A gleaming 2CV from 1956 welcomes the visitor. While this is the 2nd generation of the model, it has retained the wavy front bonnet and soft top up to the bumper at the rear. Next to it, a bare engine chassis allows you to discover the underside of the car and its simple architecture that still makes it a success in collection.

The museum also presents derivatives, a Dyane 4 with a similar style, but which was intended to be a modern version of the classic “Deuche” as it was often called, an AMI 6, recognizable by its inverted rear window, based on the same mechanical solution. Finally, a much more modern Visa, but still using the engine of the 2CV.

It should also be noted that the Reims-Champagne Automobile Museum has made many acquisitions in 2023, some of which have already joined the exhibition area. This is the case for a Ford T coupé and a Peugeot 161 E from 1921 for the pre-war period, and for the most recent a René Bonnet Missile convertible (1963) and a fully restored Citroën Visa Chrono.

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