Supercars 2 Autoworld

Autoworld Brussels – Belgium

From 09 December 2022 to 29 January 2023

Supercars 2 – Road vs. Race has just opened at Autoworld Brussels with an exceptional collection of automotive jewels loaned by private collectors and international museums.

You will see both historic and modern cars, sedans and coupes, racing cars, several unique prototypes … In line with the theme of the exhibition, cars homologated for the road and their derivatives for racing (or vice versa), there will be the road/race duos Porsche 918, Bentley Continental GT, BMW M1/Procar, Lamborghini Hurracan/Supertrofeo, Mercedes 190 2.5… A field of super sedans will present rare cars such as the Lancia Thema 3.2L (Ferrari V8 engine), the first Audi RS2, or even rarer ones such as the De Tomaso Deauville and Citroën SM Opera.

Among the rare, even unique cars, are the Mercedes C111 (next to one of its predecessors convertible SL), the Touring Superleggera Aero 3, the Aston Martin Speedster and the Kimera Evo 037. Or the Porsche 935 Baby racing car of the ’70s (driven by Jacky Ickx) and its sister, the 935-2019 built on the same base five decades later. Another field will pay tribute to Ferrari for its 75th anniversary, while some old Aston Martin, Porsche 911 or Corvette cabriolet joined the party!

In total, about forty cars are exhibited in the majestic setting of Autoworld, superbly installed in a three-dimensional staging particularly graphic and original. Remember that an evening opening is planned at the end of the Christmas holidays. Not to be missed if you pass through Brussels or its surroundings in late 2022 or early 2023. The museum shop has also set itself for Christmas time, the time to enjoy it!

The photos on this page belong to the Autoworld Museum