Stars of 30 Audrain Exhibitions

Audrain Automobile Museum, Newport, RI, USA

Until December 10, 2023

After nearly a decade of thematic exhibitions presenting vehicles from all eras and all regions of the world, the Audrain Automobile Museum exhibits the stars of its first 30 exhibitions, the favorites of fans!

Willie K Vanderbilt’s 1907 Renault “Vanderbilt” is one of the oldest and most iconic cars in Newport’s history and leads the way. Barely younger, the Rauch & Lang electric roadster dates back to 1912. Several icons of the 1920s and 1930s illustrate the splendour and sportiness of those years: Isotta-Fraschini Tipo 8AS (1927), Bentley 4 1/4 Litre (1937), Buick Y-Job Concept (1938), or the sublime 1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport.

We will also admire several American (Corvette, Shelby), Italian (Lamborghini Miura), English (Aston Martin DB4), German (Mercedes-Benz 300SL, Porsche Carrera GTS type 904), but also popular cars such as the Fiat 600 Jolly beach or the curious Peel Trident, micro-car with 3 wheels. Some motorcycles were also selected, such as the Pierce Four from 1910 or the Vincent Black Shadow from 1953.

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