News and activities 2024 at MNA

National Automobile Museum, Mulhouse, France

In addition to visiting and discovering its exceptional collections, and the additional services, bar, restaurant, shop, the National Automobile Museum offers to extend the experience with several options. The first is to drive a classic or sports vintage car, with a wide choice between MG TD, Citroën Traction, Mustang convertible (1965), Corvette C1 or C3, Bentley or Cadillac, Jaguar XK150 or E-Type. If you prefer a modern supercar, you can choose between Corvette, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Several formulas are proposed, from a few laps on the museum’s race track, to an open road ride in the region, from 1h30 to 4h, depending on the time (and budget) you have. A (big) step up is the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, which is available to you, either in static or dynamic mode on the home track or on the surrounding roads.

Bugatti again, but this time in a virtual way with the possibility of driving the legendary Bugatti Royale in virtual reality through the streets of the 30s to the Bugatti Castle! Quite far from the prestige and performance of the Bugattis of yesterday and today, but no less legendary, a remarkable Citroën 2 CV is one of the new models on display in 2024. It was the last 2 CV to roll off the production line, in this case from the Portuguese factory in Mangualde in 1990. It is a Cormorant Grey/Night Grey Charleston, with all the options available at the time, and purchased by the factory manager. With less than 14,000 km on the odometer, the 2 CV is in excellent condition, and its owner, who had inherited it, has just donated it to the National Automobile Museum where it is on display in the “Adventure” area.

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