Mahy the barnfind collection

Autoworld Museum, Brussels, Belgium

from 7th July through to 3rd September 2023

Autoworld is closely linked to the Mahy collection, since the museum was created to house part of this collection started by Ghislain Mahy shortly after the Second World War. Today it is rich in more than 1000 pieces, some of which are exhibited in some museums (including of course the Mahy Museum).

And then there is the Reserve, where a large part of the cars is still in their juice and waiting for a possible restoration. These cars rarely leave their den, and it is therefore an exceptional exhibition of 27 of these barn finds, as they could be called, which will be presented, voluntarily in a minimalist décor, still revealing a little dust.

Exceptional pieces include King Baudouin’s Aston Martin DB2 or the unique Ghia Delahaye 135 MS, commissioned by the Shah of Iran.

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