Ford Mustang 60 Years

Autoworld Museum, Brussels, Belgium

Until June 30, 2024

The Ford Mustang 60 Years exhibition looks back at the saga of this true icon of the American automobile, the first Pony Car that represented a marker of the Baby Boom generation. To the point that even if Ford had great commercial ambitions for this car, production exceeded all expectations, with more than a million units produced in less than 3 years! If generations 2 to 4 of the Mustang (1974 to 2005) had lost a little character, with bodies (and engines) a little bland, they have still been a commercial success. Since 2005 and the 5th generation, through its design and engines, the Mustang has regained the character and the image of its origins.

Among the models exhibited, a Mustang 1st generation from the 1st year of production, and a 1966 model evoking by its colors the Mustang P-51 fighter plane of the 2nd World War. Ford Mustangs have also become real sports cars, notably by passing through the hands of the famous Carroll Shelby, several cars of which will be on display, the GT350 and GT500 as well as a “Rent-a-Racer”, a Mustang derived from the GT350 and rented by Hertz to race on the weekend! In 1979, the Mustang was the official Pace-Car of the Indianapolis 500.

Ford also offered very sporty versions, such as the Mach 1 on display and made famous by its participation in a James Bond movie. The Monroe Handler is a special version of the Mustang II, equipped with a racing engine and a “racing” body kit, built in just 8 units.

The Mustang has also been a movie star by itself, in films such as “Bullit” (which will even give birth to a special series), « Gone in 60 seconds » or “Goldfinger”. The link between the Mustang and cinema will be evoked in the exhibition with the Mustang from the film “A Man and a Woman” by Claude Lelouch and “Eleanor,” the Mustang in « Gone in 60 seconds ». It is an opportunity for the Autoworld store to offer specific items, miniatures of the different generations or books dedicated to the Mustang.

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