Exhibition Driven by Design

Exhibition at the Corvette National Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Since September 21, 2022

The Corvette National Museum presents Driven by Design, a new 6,500 sqm² exhibition dedicated to the history of the Corvette design process over generations. The exhibition will also tell the stories of the women and men involved in the development of this legendary car. This multi-year exhibition is designed to inspire, educate and entertain visitors to the National Corvette Museum.

The exhibition will feature Corvette’s vice presidents of design, from Harley Earl in the 1950s to Mike Simcoe today, but also the stories of those who worked out of the spotlight but were no less influential in creating the lines that would shape the automotive industry. Women are also part of the design history, from the “Damsels of Design” in the early days of Corvette to Darby Barber, current GM Creative Designer, working on the cars of tomorrow.

Driven by Design also offers a comprehensive overview of the design process of a car: from sketches and clay models to scale models, exterior and interior design, colours and materials… to futuristic projects. With the use of interactive elements, visitors will see the actual tools and models that led to the Corvette seen on the road today.

Driven by Design presents of course cars, exceptional models: a Corvette of 1963 given specifically for this exhibition by Manny Balale, the Corvette SS of 1957 designed for racing under Harley Earl and the Corvette concept Mako Shark of 1961. This multi-year exhibition will experience an annual refresh to bring in other important cars and tell new stories.

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