The National Corvette Museum, located in Kentucky near the world’s only Corvette plant, has been open to the public since 1994. It occupies a building of 11000m², including a spectacular dome that ends with a spire pointed to the sky. As you might expect, its mission is to celebrate one of the most famous icons of the American sports car. But the Corvette Museum’s mission is also to collect and preserve all the information on the history, development and actors of the brand.


The National Corvette Museum presents the complete history of the Corvette, which has become a brand in its own right in the General Motors galaxy. With an exhibition of 70 to 80 cars, this covers the creation and design of different generations from the introduction in 1953 to the last C8 launched in 2019. One room is dedicated to engineering and design and another to Corvettes in competition. The cars on display are staged in a beautiful museography, with reproductions of an old gas station, shops, a sales hall and many models.

Among the outstanding models of the National Corvette Museum, a 1953 car is cut in the middle, allowing to discover the bowels and the design. Another rarity is the only corvette “model 1983” in existence. Indeed, following a delay in the start of production, the first C4 will be 1984 models, while the last C3 were 1982 models. The visitor also discovers the XP 987-GT, a prototype Corvette Bi-Rotor (never put into production) studied at the time when the rotary engine seemed a solution of the future. In addition to the car, the 2 and 4 rotor engines are also on display.

In 2014, the National Corvette Museum experienced an unusual event, when the floor of a room suddenly collapsed in an underground chasm of about ten meters, dragging 8 Corvettes into the accident. The cars have been recovered, sometimes in very poor condition and are exposed in this way. Only 2 cars have been restored for the moment, including a ZR1 from 2009 “Blue Devil” which by falling the last one into the hole was less damaged than the others.

Besides cars

The Chevrolet Cinema is a good starting point for an introduction to the tour, while many videos and posters in the museum tell the story of the brand and the car. At the National Corvette Museum, you can also drive a Corvette C6 on the simulator installed in the lobby (additional $ 10). Created by the National Corvette Museum in 1998, the Hall of Fame The Corvette pays tribute to the most influential personalities in the history of the Corvette: engineers, designers, designers, brand executives, pilots or team leaders, or enthusiasts who have contributed to the development of the brand or the museum.

Visitors can take a look at the workshop that the Corvette Museum has for the maintenance and restoration of its cars. Corvette fans will make a stop at the museum shop to keep a souvenir of their visit. The Stingray Grill offers you to take a break or have lunch with a choice of salads, burgers, drinks, desserts. It is open from 10am to 3pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and also accessible without visiting the museum.

It is also possible to visit the factory where the Corvettes are assembled, located nearby, and also to have your new Corvette delivered to the museum. Finally, if you want to push the experience even more “live”, the NCM Motorsports Park, located just 1 mile from the National Corvette Museum offers you to drive a Corvette (or a kart) on its tracks (

Practical information


January – FebruaryMonday – Friday (Closed on Tuesday)10am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday9am – 5pm
March – OctoberMonday – Sunday9am – 5pm
November – DecemberMonday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday9am – 5pm
Closed (public holidays) January1st , Thanksgiving, December 24 & 25th


Seniors (over 62 years old)$16.00
Youth (5 to 12 years old)$18.00
Children (under 5 years old)Free
Groups (more than 15 people), inquire with the museum
Guided tours available 7 days a week at 10am and 1pm, with a supplement$5.00
Free parking

The photos on this page belong to the National Corvette Museum

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