As the Automobile Museums web site is currently in French, articles in English related to the May 2022 Newsletter have been grouped on this page.

National Automobile Museum of Mulhouse – events 2022 – Mulhouse – France

Anniversary Weekend and 80’s concert

July 9th and 10th 2022

To celebrate the opening of the museum 40 years ago (July 8, 1982), the National Automobile Museum of Mulhouse organizes a big festive weekend around special animations on the theme of the 80s.

A big open-air concert will gather on Saturday evening several emblematic singers of the time. They will make the autodrome vibrate and dance all generations with their famous hits! All day long on July 9 and 10, typical games of the 80’s will be available to the public: arcade terminals, pinball machines, “air field hockey” shuffleboard, table soccer, while inflatable structures in the inner courtyard will delight the little ones.

In the museum’s restoration workshop, flagship models of the 80’s will be presented: Citroën BX 4TC, Matra Murena, Renault 25 turbo, BMW 316i or the inevitable Vespa!

Reunion of the 7 Bugatti 101 at the National Automobile Museum

Until September 15, 2022

The Bugatti Type 101 is the last car produced by the “historic” Bugatti brand. Developed on the chassis of the pre-war Type 57, the Bugatti Type 101 was designed in 1951. However, there were not enough funds to develop the car and start a real production. Seven chassis were built, six of which were sold and bodies made by renowned coachbuilders. Coupe, convertible, sedan or roadster, the 7 models are all different.

The Musée National de l’Automobile in Mulhouse, which has the largest collection of Bugatti cars in the world, holds three of them. The 4 other Bugatti Type 101 belonging to private collections have been reunited for this exceptional tribute, a unique opportunity to see them together! This tribute celebrates both the 40th anniversary of the Musée National de l’Automobile and the 70th anniversary of the last presence of the original Bugatti firm at the Paris Motor Show.

More about the exhibition…

ON THE ROAD with The Anonymous Project

Until June 2023

On The Road is an exhibition of very large format vintage photos, from The Anonymous Project collection, where the car is the witness of family adventures.

Nearly 30 photos are displayed in XXL format on the external facades of the museum, intimate testimonies of the role played by the car in the family sphere. This collection of images is not only about the cars, but even more about the people who loved them, cared for them and of course drove them. Like a road movie, this installation forms a larger picture: that of our shared collective memory.

Alfa Romeo Storico exhibition at Autoworld Brussels

From July 1 to August 28, 2022

With Alfa Romeo Storico, Autoworld Brussels celebrates this summer the mythical Milanese brand Alfa Romeo, retracing 112 years of history of the Cuore Sportivo, through about fifty of the most emblematic models.

The exhibition is organized in close collaboration with the main clubs, the National Automobile Museum of Mulhouse, private collectors, the collector of Italian prototypes Corrado Lopresto and Alfa Romeo Belgium (Stellantis).

The exhibition will be held on the second floor of the museum, where more than 50 historical models from the pre-war period to more recent models, road cars, sports cars, competition cars and unique prototypes will be presented.

Among the remarkable cars, you will discover a 1936 Alfa Romeo 8C Pininfarina (Musée National de l’Automobile de Mulhouse), the iconic Giulietta Sprint and Spider, 2600 Sprint, 2000 Spider, Giulia Sprint GT Veloce. There will also be rarer cars such as a Montreal, a Spider Coda Tronca, a GT 1600 Zagato, a Giulia GT 1300 Scalino

Even rarer, five exceptional prototypes from the fabulous collection of Corrado Lopresto will be on display.

In addition, showcases of scale models will feature these same cars in subtle dioramas. Finally, on the first floor, thanks to the support of Alfa Romeo Belgium (Stelantis), some current cars will be on display.

To celebrate the launch of the Alfa Romeo historical exhibition, the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Belgio Club is organizing on Sunday, July 3, a magnificent ride starting in front of the Royal Palace of Brussels and ending on the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire, in front of the Autoworld museum, where a Concours d’Elegance will take place with nearly 150 cars.

More info on the exhibition…

Sarolea motorcycles at Autoworld Brussels

Du 12 aout au 18 septembre 2022

After the 2021 exhibition dedicated to Gillet motorcycles, which enchanted the visitors, it is Sarolea, another beautiful Belgian motorcycle brand, that the Autoworld Museum in Brussels is honoring.  Sarola is one of the three main “Demoiselles de Herstal” with Gillet and FN.

Through nearly 75 motorcycles, the entire history of the Sarolea brand will be told, from its origins at the beginning of the 20th century to the 1960s. Sarolea has distinguished itself over the years by numerous innovations and an assiduous practice of competition.

To complete the exhibition, an international gathering of Sarolea motorcycles will take place on September 11 on the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire in front of the Autoworld museum, coupled with a competition and a demonstration of the new electric trial motors.  Last but not least, a new book will also be published in the context of this exhibition.

More info on the exhibition…

The F1 Legends

Exhibition at the Louwman Museum

From 1 July to 4 September 2022

The Louwman Museum is organizing the F1 Legends exhibition to celebrate the return of the Grand Prix of Zandvoort.

The Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort returned to the F1 calendar in 2021, and with the arrival of Max Verstappen at the top, has become a very popular event.

To celebrate this return of an important page of motorsport in Holland, the Louwman Museum exhibits several cars that participated in the Grand Prix of Zandvoort between 1945 and 1970, and even won for some of them.

The 8 cars are presented in the form of a Formula 1 grid. If they are all witnesses of the evolution of the discipline in this period, 4 cars stand out:

  • The Talbot-Lago T26C, winner in 1950 and 1951 with Louis Rosier
  • The Ferrari 500 F2, winner in 1952 and 1953 driven by Alberto Ascari, who was also World Champion these 2 years
  • The Mercedes-Benz W196, winner of the 1955 Grand Prix of Zandvoort with Juan Manuel Fangio, who was also World Champion in 1955
  • The Lotus 33 of Jim Clark, winner of the Grand Prix of Zandvoort 1965, also World Champion the same year

This exhibition enriches the visit of an otherwise very complete museum, with nearly 300 cars and numerous works of art.

Summer Animations at the Maurice Dufresne Museum (Azay le Rideau – France)

The Maurice Dufresne Museum proposes several animations for the weekends of the summer, without forgetting the temporary exhibition.

Giant Cluedo at the Maurice Dufresne Museum

Sunday July 24th and Sunday August 7th 2022

A murder has been committed at the Maurice Dufresne Museum. A question haunts the team: who is the murderer of Gabin the guard? Come with your family to investigate in the museum! We need your help to discover the culprit, the place, the murder weapon and the motive!

Meeting at 3pm, reward for the family who finds it first!

Lunch, Live music and treasure hunt

Sunday July 31 and Sunday August 14, 2022

The Maurice Dufresne Museum offers you a lively and friendly Sunday, with a lunch with music on the banks of the Indre river, musical entertainment from 1 to 3 pm, outdoor games for all and from 3 pm, treasure hunt for children!

The animations are available in the price of the entrance ticket, reservation recommended for the lunch (in addition to the entrance ticket).

2022 Temporary Exhibitions at the Savoy Automotive Museum

The Savoy Automotive Museum is located in Cartersville, Georgia, less than an hour from Atlanta. If you’re in the area, don’t miss a visit to the museum and its exhibits.

The Savoy Automotive Museum has several galleries, allowing the organization of several thematic temporary exhibitions in parallel. For 2022, more than 30 cars will be on show for 4 very different themes, in addition to the exhibition of the museum’s collection. A visit not to be missed if you pass by Atlanta!

PIRELLI – 150 Years

On Display in Gallery C through September 4, 2022

Celebrating 150 years of activity of the Italian firm Pirelli in the United States, this exhibition presents a dozen sports and racing cars, as well as different aspects of the brand, history, technology, innovation and competition…

Among the cars on display are several great Italian sports cars from an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 (1947), Lancia Flaminia GT (1962), Maserati Ghibli Spyder, a more confidential Iso Grifo – Series 1…), and some more recent supercars: Lamborghini Countach and Aventador S, Ferrari F40. On the US side, you will see a 1967 Camaro RS, and its 2022 descendant, but in a Trans Am championship version, as well as a Rivian R1T, an impressive all-electric pickup!

A 2016 F1 will join the models on display at the end of June.

Front Runners

From June 7 to October 2, 2022

The Front Runners exhibit features a dozen cars that raced in the famous Indianapolis 500 in the 1950s and 1960s. The exhibition’s title term “Front Runners” refers to the front-engine cars that were the standard for single-seater racing at that time. But they were still open cars, which was part of the regulations at the time.

American Art Deco

On Display in Gallery A through July 31, 2022

The Art Deco movement was a cross-disciplinary movement that impacted design, painting, architecture, as well as industry with appliances and automobiles. Forward-looking and adopting an elegant and sophisticated style, the Art Deco period took place primarily between the two world wars, flourishing in the mid-1920s through the 1940s. These designs featured clean geometric shapes, bright colors and clean lines. Combined with the growing concern for automobile aerodynamics, it often resulted in two-door coupes and roadsters with long, exaggerated hoods and small, rounded trunks. Among the cars selected for the American Art Deco exhibition, a Cord L-29 convertible, a Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser, a Cadillac LaSalle Series 50 Coupe-Cabriolet are symbolic with their plunging fenders, chrome and rounded headlights…


On Display in Gallery B through September 6, 2022

Typically US, even if some European cars also adhered to this fashion, the Woodies were in the 1940s often large family station wagons whose bodywork mixed traditional steel structure and wood, especially around the doors or the whole rear part. There were also some sedans and convertibles. The varnished wood uprights and panels, often two-tone, gave charm to these cars. Chrysler, Ford, Mercury and Packard models symbolize this period.

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