Events 2024 at Autobau

Autobau, Romanshorn, Switzerland

Autobau on the shores of Lake Constance exhibits one of the most beautiful collections of supercars in the world. And to the delight of visitors, autobau occasionally takes some of its cars out of the museum, presents them with doors and hoods open, roars their engines and even drives them on the museum circuit. Enthusiasts can admire them more closely and hear them, a delight for photographers and videographers. 2 types of events are organized periodically, “roll-out” and “car spotting”.

For a roll-out, a car from the collection is presented in detail and then driven on the autobau circuit. On the day of the event, the selected car is installed in the Supersport Gallery, right in front of the entrance gate of the exhibition hall. The museum team is available to answer questions, the hoods and doors are open, and visitors can approach the car, take photos, film, and even sit in it! The winners of a lap of the circuit are then drawn and the car is pushed to the outside. Then the engine is finally started and it’s off to the circuit (only in dry weather)!

On “car spotting” days, several cars from the collection, supercars, classic or luxury cars or hyper sports cars are taken from the hall and parked on the museum circuit. Enthusiasts can photograph and film these spectacular vehicles from different angles, in different driving situations and with optimal lighting. The 3 or 4 selected vehicles are also driven in such a way that the sound experience of the engine is optimal. Car spotters will also be able to photograph and film the interior and technical details. As with roll outs, the weather must be dry to be able to go out and drive the cars. All dates are here for roll-outs and car spotting.

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