Custom CARisma

National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States

From March 10 to the end of 2023

Carl Casper is an automotive designer and engineer, racer, movie car builder, collector and restorer, author, artist, sculptor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also well known for the production of car shows in the USA, with more than 1000 automotive events throughout the country between 1963 and 2017. The exhibition “Custom CARisma: The Legendary Creations of Carl Casper” looks back at Carl’s spectacular career and showcases some of his most famous cars.

Movie cars, concept cars, dragsters, customs, spaceships, Carl Casper designed a wide variety of vehicles. The exhibition includes the Batman Returns “BatmobileTM“, the Corvette “Turbo Shark“, the dragster “Young American“, a Mercury Custom “51 Merc Knight Cruiser“, the “Cosmic Invader“, a 3-wheeled electric vehicle in the style of a spaceship, and some other original creations such as the “Popcorn Wagon”,Paddy Wagon” or the hot-rod “32 Renegade Deuce”. 

Carl Casper is himself a Corvette enthusiast, he has owned several from the C1 to C8, and modified them as the “Turbo Shark”.

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