Chevrolet Corvette a Legend turns 70

Autoworld Museum, Brussels, Belgium

Until August 27, 2023

With Chevrolet Corvette a Legend turns 70, Autoworld celebrates the America’s most legendary sports car. The name “Corvette” alone recalls the American dream and brings back memories of a time when anything was possible! Harley Earl was very daring in 1953, when he presented its prototype of the 1st generation Corvette, with a fiberglass body. A successful bet since General Motors decided to launch into production this small sports car, attractive by its lines and its lighter weight. First equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder, it was not until 1955 that it was equipped with the famous V8 which will become its official engine, and which made sales take off!

Since then, eight generations of Corvette have succeeded one another, each named by the initial “C” and its number. Each model has features specific to the era, trends or technological advances. But the DNA of the Chevrolet Corvette comes in two words: performance (and V8) and assumed sportiness! The C8 presented in 2019 is therefore the latest in the line, the first equipped with a mid-engine. An E-Ray hybrid version has just been presented across the Atlantic, the audacious Corvette remains in tune with the times! Autoworld tells us the story of the “Vette” through 16 cars, including some legendary models.

We will find of course a C1, completely redesigned in 1956, recognizable by its two-tone hollowed sides. The C2 appeared in 1963 and took the name of Sting Ray, and the coupe with its rear window in 2 parts is the emblematic version, probably the most sought-after Corvette because very rare, this 2-part bezel being abandoned in 1964. After the ray, the shark and the C3 inspired by the Mako Shark concept. A modified Corvette C3 will be the “Pace Car” of the 1978 Indianapolis 500 and gave birth to an obviously rare special series.

Another special series, only 200 units, developed by engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov, sometimes called “The Father of the Corvette”, an even sportier Corvette thanks to a unique, wider body and a compressor that made it gain 70 hp! Another exceptional model, a C7 Z06 convertible from 2015, the supercharged version of the C7 with its new 6.2L V8. If you pass through Brussels, do not forget the visit to Autoworld, and come and relive the Corvette legend.

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