Bugatti Unseen

Autoworld Museum, Brussels, Belgium

Until November 5, 2023

The Bugatti Unseen exhibition, organised in collaboration with Bugatti Brussels, will present fifteen unique cars at the entrance of the Autoworld Museum. They are rare and some have almost never been presented to the general public. Most of them are also produced in very limited series… Among these jewels, you can admire the one and only “La Voiture Noire“! Inspired by Jean Bugatti’s personal car (the black Type 57 SC Atlantic that disappeared without a trace shortly before the Second World War), it was sold for 11 million euros in 2022… The Centodieci, produced in only ten units and the Divo manufactured in 40 units are also in the show. Still on the side of contemporary hypercars, the famous Veyron and Chiron as well as the EB110 at the origin of the Bugatti revival in the 90s all respond to the invitation.

Four racing cars, part of a beautiful Swiss collection, will be exhibited for the first time. Historic cars include a Type 40 Coupé, Jean Bugatti’s personal car and the Type 57 SC Special Coupé, Ettore Bugatti’s personal car before the Second World War. The former Belgian Sovereign Leopold III was an unconditional fan of the brand, and one of his cars is part of the collection on display, alongside a “Baby Bugatti“, a children’s cart produced from 1927 to 1936 in about 500 units.

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