Supercars of the 90s

Louwman Museum, The Hague, Netherlands

Until September 1st, 2024

Supercars from the 90s are at the Louwman Museum for the summer. The selection is drastic: over 500 horsepower, more than 300 km/h and a limited production to be selected! During the 1990s, there was a real craze for (very) high-performance sports cars. New brands appeared, and many introductions were planned for the early 90s. However, the financial crisis of 1992/93 made wealthy car enthusiasts cautious and led to a collapse in supercar orders, resulting in the bankruptcy of new sports car brands or the premature termination of projects.

Nevertheless, many super-sports cars appeared in the 90s, and the exhibition brings together a dozen of these monsters. They are all powered by good old-fashioned petrol, no electric subterfuge to boost power in the 1990s! Some models have never been publicly presented in the Benelux, and it’s likely that we’ve never seen such a group of exceptional cars anywhere in the world. The cars presented fall into 4 categories, from (very small) production models like the Bugatti EB110 Super Sport (1992, V12, 610 hp, 355 km/), the Aston Martin Vantage V600 (1998, V8, 600 hp, 320 km/), or the Vector W8 (1990, V8, 625 hp, 380 km/).

Then we have the limited editions such as the Ferrari F50 (1995, V12, 520 hp, 325 km/), Jaguar XJ220 (1992, V6, 549 hp, 354 km/) or McLaren F1 (1993, V12, 627 hp, 386 km/), cars developed for racing homologation, such as the Mercedes CLK GTR Street Version (1997, V12, 600 bhp, 323 km/), the Nissan R390 GT1 (1998, V8, 558 bhp, 354 km/), the Porsche 911 GT1 Street Version (1998, Flat-6, 550 bhp, 350 km/) or the Toyota GT-One Street (1998, V8, 550 hp, 371 km/).

Finally, 2 prototypes, 2 concepts studied for a small production run but which ultimately remained unique, the BMW M8 E31 (1991, V12, 640 hp, 320 km/) and the Mercedes-Benz C112 (1991, V12, 408 hp, 307 km/). Speed and power indicated here are manufacturer’s data.

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