Sport cars and bikes

Valençay Automobile Museum, France

Until November 11, 2024

For its 2024 season (until November 11, 2024), the Valençay Automobile Museum is offering its themed exhibition on sports cars and motorcycles. In all, some thirty 2 and 4-wheeled vehicles are featured. This is an opportunity to highlight some of the cars in the permanent collection, such as the pre-war Amilcar, Bedelia, Bugatti 57, Darmont or Turcat Mery, or the last great French GT, the Citroën SM.

It’s also quite nice to find a number of compact models that have delighted enthusiasts with their affordable cars, such as the NSU 1200 TTS, Simca Rallye 3, Renault 12 Gordini and, more recently, the Golf and 205 GTI. A Porsche 911 and a Ferrari 348 GTB represent the more expensive, more powerful category, but the star of a special line-up is the Alpine A

On the 2-wheeled side, there’s a 1951 Vincent, alongside more recent Japanese machines like the Honda 900 “Bol d’Or” or the Kawazaki ZXR 750.

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