Find here the content of the Newsletter N° 9 – February 2023


Given the richness of the Rétromobile edition held at the beginning of February, it seemed interesting to come back to it in pictures. This month’s highlights include a wide variety of exhibitions: sports with the Spirit of the Carrera RS around the famous Renn Sport family of the 911, spectacular with the exhibition dedicated to the creator Carl Casper at the Corvette Museum, the original at the Savoy Museum which exhibits the cars of local owners and collectors, and practical with the Volvo Museum’s exhibition on Swedish utility cars.

Info on the website

Before preparing the addition of new museums in the coming weeks, the update of the site continues, in particular to indicate the new 2023 rates, many museums having increased their admission prices, being also faced with various charges increases.

Visit of the month

Back to France, and on the way we stop in Monaco to visit the Collection of H.S.H. The Prince of Monaco, and discover vintage cars and racing cars gathered by the Princes of Monaco over time

Exhibitions of the month

  • Custom CARisma
    National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States From March 10 to the end of 2023 Carl Casper is an automotive designer and engineer, racer, movie car builder, collector and …
  • Volvo in the service of Society
    Volvo Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden From January 18, 2023 Motor vehicles made a huge difference in 20th century society, and often revolutionized the action of public services. Police cars have made …
  • The Spirit of Carrera RS
    Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany Until May 15, 2023 For sports car enthusiasts, the ZeitHaus Autostadt is organising the exhibition “The Spirit of Carrera RS” to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the …
  • Locally Owned
    Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville (Georgia), USA Until June 4, 2023 Like art, appreciation of automobiles is subjective and depends on personal preferences for style, period, category or even social acceptance. …
  • Back to Retromobile 2023
    Rétromobile 2023, Paris, France February 1-5, 2023 No, let it be said, the automotive passion is very much alive! This is evidenced by the success of this Rétromobile 2023, which …