There are actually 2 Ferrari museums, a few kilometers apart: the Enzo Ferrari Museum located in Modena, the birthplace of the Commendatore, and the Ferrari Maranello Museum, located near the Ferrari factory. It is also possible to buy a pass combining the 2 museums (see Prices section). The Ferrari Museum in Maranello is dedicated to the history of the brand.

Cars from the Ferrari Museum

Sports and grand touring cars, racing prototypes, F1 single-seaters, they are all there. It is difficult to bring out a particular model, as Ferraris have all become legends of the sports car. But it is undoubtedly the lineage of “Supercars”, from the GTO to LaFerrari via the F40 and F50 that constitutes the top of the passenger car category collection. For the race, you will find in particular the world champions, in F1 as in the Sport-Proto category, as well as the GTs entered by private teams but always under the watchful eye of the factory.

Besides cars

Ferrari offers many activities around the museum itself, such as a factory tour or a simulator test drive. Located nearby, the Ferrari store offers all the clothes, accessories, books and scale models to satisfy aficionados. A café and a restaurant allow you to rest and eat while staying in the Ferrari atmosphere. To complete the experience, we cannot recommend enough to have lunch or dinner at ristorante Cavallino, the famous restaurant located between the factory, the shop and the sports management. Enzo Ferrari used to be there, all the Ferrari drivers and many prestigious visitors ate there, and the decoration will immerse you in the history and the Ferrari universe.

Practical information



April to Septemberfrom 9.30 to 19.00
October to Marchfrom 10.00 to 18.00
Closed on December 25th and January 1st


Adults (over 19 years old)17,00€
Students and Seniors (over 65 years old)15,00€
Youth (under 19 years old)7,00€
Child (under 5 years) and PRMFree

Pass Museums Ferrari Maranello and Modena

Adults (over 19 years old)24,00€
Youth (under 19 years old)10,00€

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