There are 2 Ferrari museums, a few kilometers apart: the Enzo Ferrari Museum located in Modena, the birthplace of the Commendatore, and the Ferrari Maranello Museum, located near the Ferrari factory. It is also possible to buy a pass combining the 2 museums (see section Rates and practical tips). Opened in 2012, the Enzo Ferrari Museum is housed in a building designed by architect Jan Kaplicky, with architecture inspired by the hoods of 1950s racing cars. This modern building is built next to the restored birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, which is also part of the museum. This museum tells the life of Enzo Ferrari, driver, team leader and founder of the eponymous firm. It also tells the story of the brand (small) production models. The Ferrari Museum in Maranello is dedicated to the Scuderia, racing and exceptional models (supercars, one-offs…).


The cars of the Enzo Ferrari Museum

The main building is large, very airy, without pillars, which allows a panoramic view of the exhibition of jewelry gathered here. Ramps allow you to navigate smoothly to the cars. you can approach them, turn around, examine them from all angles…

The cars on display are among the most beautiful creations of the brand under the direction of Enzo Ferrari. There are mainly production cars, as well as a few racing cars. Among the remarkable cars, we admire a 166, the first Ferrari model developed for the road, presented in spider version by Pinin Farina, several 250 GT, including sublime coupe and convertible, a 275 GT, the famous 365 GTB/4 “Daytona“, the Dino 246 GTS which will give birth to the whole line of berlinettes with a central V8 engine, or the 512BB, the first mid-engined 12-cylinder Ferrari.

There are also some racing cars, rather models that have distinguished themselves in road races or in the sport/prototype category (as opposed to the F1 that we will see rather in Maranello). This is the case of the 375 MM driven by Luigi Chinetti in the Carrera Panamericana, or a 750 Monza, powered by one of the few Ferrari 4-cylinders.

Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace, which was also his father’s garage, has been restored to be part of the museum. The large original workshop, with a beautiful frame, exhibits cars (mainly Ferraris), following annual themes. In 2022, the 10th anniversary of the museum is symbolized by cars representative of the 10 past exhibitions: coach 166 Inter by Touring, F40, 612 Scaglietti, Formula 1 of 2003, Maserati Quattroporte

Ferrari engines

In the main building, a room on the ground floor is reserved for engines. It exhibits a collection of V8 and V12 engines that have equipped many production models. We can see that between the evolutions of displacement, opening angles, number of cylinders, with or without turbo, Ferrari’s engineers are constantly renewing. As it is rare to see these engines exposed in this way, we can also judge the technical evolutions of these engines: size, architecture, work on the exhausts, position of the turbos… A wall panel also shows the very complex architecture of the Hybrid engine of the LaFerrari, very close to a contemporary F1 architecture, a real gas factory!

Next to cars

Another small room on the ground floor illustrates what the Ferrari archives are, with the brand keeping track of all the models produced. This makes it possible to restore them and ensure the authenticity of an old model.

Enzo Ferrari’s life is traced through numerous documents, and a film regularly projected on the entire wall of the museum, from his career as a driver, then as a team director to the creation and development of Ferrari.

Several rooms on the ground floor of the birthplace are accessible to the public. In one of them, the Commendatore’s office is reproduced. A small office, with its meeting table where we imagine sometimes stormy discussions! In another room, a film and a panel show the evolution, sometimes very subtle, of the Ferrari logo.

A bar, with terraces, offers drinks and small catering. There is also a shop where you will find books, miniatures, textiles and objects. At Ferrari prices!

At the entrance, near the shop, you can try a simulator (for a fee), and in the museum, be photographed (extra charge too) at the wheel of a Ferrari.

Practical information


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April to Septemberfrom 9.30 to 19.00
October to Marchfrom 10.00 to 18.00
Closed on December 25th and January 1st


Adults (over 19 years old)27,00€
Students and Seniors (over 65 years old)22,00€
Youth (under 19 years old)9,00€
Children (under 5 years old) and PRMFree

Pass Museums Ferrari Maranello and Modena

Adults (over 19 years old)38,00€
Youth (under 19 years old)12,00€

Tips to prepare your visit

You can buy your tickets in advance on the museum’s website, so you can skip the queues. There is free parking behind the museum, via Via Giuseppe Soli 101. Be careful, this car park is relatively small. If you live in Modena, especially in the summer season, you can come on foot, the museum being a quarter of an hour walk from the city center.

Attention, the pass for the 2 museums is dated. If you do not plan to visit the 2 museums on the same day, consider asking for the ticket to the second museum for the scheduled day of visit.

The pass also serves as a skip-the-line, particularly interesting for Ferrari Maranello, where during busy periods (summer for example), the queue can last a good half an hour. Always in busy periods, the car park is quickly full. It is therefore better to visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum in the morning and Maranello inthe 2nd part of the afternoon, there will be fewer people, both to park and to visit.

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