Hotchkiss Tour de France 1907-2023

September 24th to October 22nd, 2023

Founded in the mid-nineteenth century to produce armaments and ammunition, Hotchkiss began automobile production in 1902. The brand will gain reputation throughout the first half of the twentieth century by the quality, reliability and performance of its automobiles. Hotchkiss triumphed at Monte-Carlo in 1932, 33, 34, 39, 49 and 1950! If Hotchkiss production will stop in the 60s with the manufacture of Jeep under license Willys, the last passenger cars will come out in 1954.

In 1907, Hotchkiss organized a France tour with a six-cylinder car to reinforce the brand’s image of reliability and the start of production of six-cylinder engines. The initial idea was to travel the France via Hotchkiss dealerships. The entire route, however, will represent more than ten thousand kilometers. According to the messages sent every day by the driver, the car will show very good reliability and its driver, Mr Van-Marke, will finish Place de la Concorde in front of the ACF building after fifty-eight days of driving.

For its fiftieth anniversary, the Hotchkiss French Club, which brings together collectors of cars of the eponymous brand, takes up the course of this feat in 29 stages as close as possible to those of the beginning of the last century. They have been extended to complete the route in 29 days and adapted to current traffic conditions. Alsace and Moselle, which were attached to Germany at the time, were added. This exceptional ride will be an opportunity to show the ability of cars over 70 years old to travel long distances in serenity and safety. It is an opportunity to evoke the golden age of the automobile, a period when our industry distinguished itself and to present a living and glorious heritage.

This Tour de France 1907–2023 has several objectives:

  • To allow remote club members to participate in this event and this great collective project.
  • To give club members the choice to participate in one or more stages. The Tour is open to local clubs and other classic car brands.
  • Each stage will be an opportunity for meetings and exchanges with the public who will be able to admire this extraordinary rolling heritage.
  • To talk about the Hotchkiss brand, the reliability of its cars, its six victories in Monte-Carlo and to defend the use of classic cars.

Departure from Paris on Sunday, September 24 and return scheduled for Paris on October 22. Find more information and the detailed itinerary on the Hotchkiss Club website.

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