The Dauer Museum of Classic Cars has been officially open since 2001. It was born from the passion of Eddie and Joanne Dauer, who have been collecting cars since the 1970s by keeping all the cars they have bought. From a simple hobby, this passion has turned into an incredible tribute to the past. As their collection grew, the Dauers realized they had quite a treasure in their hands, and such an exceptional treasure deserved to be shared. This is how the Dauer Museum of Classic Cars was born.


The Dauer Museum of Classic Cars exhibits more than 55 beautifully restored cars from the 1930s to the 1970s. The decoration of the Dauer Museum contributes to the evocation of the past, with, for example, a nostalgic fresco of the “Fabulous Fifties” while Marilyn Monroe looks down on her cream-colored Cadillac convertible. In front of a Florida Medical Center mural, the fully restored vintage ambulance features a fully functional interior, with all the medical technology known in the 1970s. Then it’s the perfectly reproduced 1934 Texaco petrol station, with an authentic Texaco petrol truck and vintage petrol pumps from the 1930s, as well as original products from the time.

The Cadillac, symbol of American luxury, are particularly well represented, and cars from other US brands such as Chevrolet or Oldsmobile show the variety of car production. The spectacular bodies of the 1950s and 1960s, with their huge hoods, fins and flamboyant chrome will take the visitor on a journey back in time. Hoods up, several cars unveil their V8 “big blocks” of this time. Any other style, with this Jeep and its complete equipment, witness to another slice of American and world history.

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The decoration is important, and participates in the staging of the cars, such as these beautifully restored black and white and color vintage video cameras on which the films of the past were filmed, or the drive-in tray with its burger placed on the door of a convertible. The many period objects, jukeboxes, cash registers, garage or laboratory equipment, cinema accessories are added to the posters, badges, plates, advertising clocks to recreate the contemporary atmosphere of the cars on display.

Practical information


Facebook: Dauer Cars


Monday – Friday9am – 3pm
Weekends and evenings by appointment


Adults$ 20,00
Military on active duty or first aid, Seniors (over 65 years old)Free
Youth (4 to 14 years old)$10.00
VIP tour with detailed view of the collection, 2 people minimum$ 35.00

The photos on this page belong to the Dauer Museum

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