Maserati quite naturally has a very nice showroom, located right next to the entrance of the factory. Why a showroom on a site dedicated to automotive museums? Essentially for its magnificent collection of engines on display. For a Maserati collection, there is the Umberto Panini collection located a few kilometers from the city, waiting for a real Maserati museum that would be in the making.


The Maserati showroom in Modena is open to the public, and admission is of course free. You can walk quietly throughout the showroom and take as many pictures as you want. The interior architecture is modern and original, with a wide ellipse in the center, on which is exhibited a Maserati 3500 GT Cabriolet, the 1st convertible produced by Maserati. It is surrounded by several 250F in scale models, in different liveries. The 250F is the last Maserati single-seater, F1 world champion with Juan Manuel Fangio in 1957. The historical model exposed can obviously change, for example depending on the news of the brand. You will see some cars of the current range, as well as on the lawn in front of the building. But this place is worth above all by the exceptional collection of Maserati engines that is exhibited there.

Maserati engines

A dozen engines are on display, each in its own window. A mirror at the bottom of the display case shows the underside of the engine, which can then be seen from all angles. The oldest is a 1500cc straight 8-cylinder that equipped the 1st car entirely designed by Maserati. This car raced the 1926 Targa Florio, driven by Alfieri Maserati. The other engines on display cover the post-war period, from the Tipo A6, a straight 6-cylinder powering the 1st road Maserati produced, to the very recent V6 Nettuno, a V6 Turbo presented in 2020, entirely designed by Maserati and which equips all new productions of the trident’ brand. One of the curiosities is this V8 Tipo 201 5.4L, presented in 1960. Derived from the V8 of the 450S, it develops 450hp, and equipped racing boats!

Next to the cars

At the back of the hall, a small room exhibits samples of leather, fabrics, stitching threads, body colors. You can put yourself in the shoes of the Maserati customer configuring his car! Next to it, an interesting diorama presents miniatures of all the Maserati produced. It starts with the Tipo 26 of 1926, the first single-seaters, sports cars (endurance races), with the workshop truck and assistance. Then the track separates into 2 branches, one for racing cars and the other for (grand) touring cars. An illustrated legend on the side allows to position the models in the history of the brand. In a showcase, you will see original drawings of engines, handwritten notebooks and sheets describing in detail the cars produced in the early days of the company, moving historical testimonies. It is also possible to visit the factory, upon reservation with Modena Tour.

Practical information

From Modena city centre, the Maserati showroom can be reached on foot in a few minutes. You can’t miss the place: on the roundabout in front of the factory, a sculpture represents a destructured trident, and the same trident dominates the office tower at the entrance of the factory.



Monday to Friday


Free access, no parking nearby

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