The Museum of Old Vehicles of the Jura, located near Lons le Saunier, presents a collection of about 50 cars in a building of 1200m². As it is an associative museum, most of the vehicles on display belong to the members of the association, but are also added “long-term” donations or loans. Each year, the association chooses a theme to renew about 15% of the cars on display and thus the interest of the public. 


The Museum mainly presents French brands, from 1910 to the 80s but the majority of cars date from before the2nd century. They are therefore often representatives of brands that have unfortunately disappeared, such as Delage, Delahaye, Hotchkiss or older Léon Bollée.Cars can be in their (good) original condition, restored, but also “barn exits”. Originality, the museum presents a Peugeot 190S in 4 successive stages, from the exit of the barn to the rolling version, allowing visitors to appreciate the restoration work

Besides cars

Not limited to cars, the museum also presents a very rare Berliet (best known for its trucks) Torpédo 9 seats, or a Citroën truck, a dozen commercial vehicles in total and a dozen agricultural tractors. The collection also presents some carriages, and collections of thematic miniatures (fire engines, the Pinder circus…) and a decoration of enamelled plates and old cans …A large car park welcomes you behind the museum.

Practical information

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From 01/04 to 11/11, daily from 14:00 to 18:00


Children (10 to 15 years old)3,00€
Children (under 10 years old)Free
Groups (from 15 people), per person, visits in the morning or out of season5,00€

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