The Montjalin Automobile Museum is located in the context of an 18th century castle, in the middle of a beautiful wooded park. It was well known a few years ago for its remarkable collection of heads of state’s cars, and the Museum has preserved an important documentation on this theme.

Cars in Montjalin

The Museum has changed its theme in recent years, and the collection now presents about forty cars “out of the barn”. Indeed, beyond being interested in gleaming bodies of perfectly restored cars, there is also an interest in cars “in their juice”, and this is the niche of Montjalin. But in their juice does not mean abandoned, and each car is presented with its history, anecdotes and highlighted by the museum setting.

Besides cars

It is also possible to visit the castle by appointment.

Practical information

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The Museum is open from 9am to 7pm, call for more details



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