The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum is located on the campus of the Gilmore Car Museum north of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The museum’s exterior appearance is inspired by the P.J. Platte Lincoln dealership constructed in the early 1920’s in Detroit, Michigan. It was built in a neo-classical architectural style appropriate for the luxury image of the Lincoln automobile and was an imposing edifice typical of many luxury automobile dealerships of the era.


The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum exhibits around 30 cars, Lincoln only of course, from the early 1920s up to recent concepts. During the 1920s and 1930s, Lincoln Motor was selling car fully manufactured, but also chassis carrying bodies by the best American Coachbuilders of the time, such as Dietrich, Judkins, LeBaron or Willoughby. A chassis with its engine is on display, as well as some models by coachbuilders, showing the variety of bodies: 1922 Lincoln Sport Phaeton (Anderson), 1928 Convertible Sedan (Dietrich), 1929 Phaeton (LeBaron), 1930 Berline (Judkins), 1933 Convertible Roadster (LeBaron)…

The Zephyr, introduced mid 1930s as the high luxury market was in decline, is represented by several models such as a 1936 Sedan or a superb 1937 Coupe

The Continental is one of iconic Lincoln model since the 1st one-off in 1939. Thus, the Museum presents a large selection allowing to measure the evolution in style of large luxury cars over the decades. Smaller cars such as the Cosmopolitan or Capri aimed at serving different types of customers are also part of the presentation.

Besides cars

Lincoln Motor was founded in 1917 to manufacture Liberty motors for aircrafts during WW-1 and one of these motors is presented at the museum. Museum’s decoration is based on many large photos, posters and advertisements. Several displays present the story of the Lincoln Motor company as well as the role of the main characters behind the brand. The Lincoln building is connected via indoor passages to the central Gilmore Automotive Heritage Center and a large number of additional display buildings. These connections will allow visitors to have convenient, all-weather access to additional automotive collections as well as services such as restrooms, food service, gift shops, meeting rooms, archives, libraries and reception areas.

Practical information


Monday-Friday9am – 5pm
Saturday-Sunday9am – 6pm


Winter season December 1 – March 30, Summer season April 1 – November 30

Winter seasonSummer season
Youth (7 to 17 years old)$10.00$10.00
Children (under 7 years old)FreeFree
Active Military (must present ID)Free
Reduced rates for Groups (more than 12 people) and Car Clubs – arriving in antique$10.00

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