Inaugurated in 2001, the Citroën Conservatory is the largest collection dedicated to the manufacturer of chevrons. It exhibits nearly 250 cars, most of them in perfect working order. It is located in Aulnay-sous-Bois in the Paris region, near the former PSA factory, in an industrial building of more than 6000 m².

The creation of the Citroën Conservatory made it possible to bring together cars and commercial and advertising documents in one place. It is now a must-visit place for the many fans of the chevron brand and all car enthusiasts.

The cars of the Citroën Conservatory

It is all the long and rich Citroën history that we discover at the Conservatoire since the very first models manufactured with the Type A. The collection then extends to the latest productions through the iconic Traction, 2 CV, DS and SM. The Citroën Conservatory now systematically holds copies of the brand’s models. The vehicles are grouped by decade, then by thematic islands (sport, adventure, utility vehicles, unusual vehicles, concept cars and prototypes…).

Do not miss the prototypes of the POS, developed before the war, and which will then give birth to the 2 CV. They spent the war of 39/45 hidden in an attic of the test center of La Ferté-Vidame, and are presented “in their juice”. Real pieces of history! Among the other curiosities, an English 2 CV and DS, or the prototype “C60”, draft of a model intended to fill the gap between the Ami 6/8 and the DS.

Sport and Prestige

Naturally, the competition is not forgotten with in particular the many models that have allowed Citroën to shine in the biggest rallies and on the circuit. The visitor will of course find the ZX, Xsara, C4 or DS3 Rally champions of recent years, as well as the ZX family of Rally-Raid. Let’s not forget the DS and SM victorious in the more distant past or the 2CV having also known the scent of racing.

Citroën having been (and still is) the supplier of the Élysée for several presidents, several cars are exhibited, including the SM of the Pompidou era or the last DS 7 Presidential.

Following the creation of DS Automobiles as a brand in its own right, a space dedicated to the brand was created. It includes production cars, exceptional examples (for example the presidential car) and a Formula E, a discipline in which DS has particularly distinguished itself.

Besides cars

We also discover at the Conservatoire a large part of the concept cars created by the brand, as well as prototypes and sketches of certain models. Citroën vans, derived from 2CV or type H (the famous “Tube”), are also well represented. They will certainly remind everyone of the memories. The Conservatoire also presents a coach, fire engines, agricultural tractors, produced by the brand at different times, and even a helicopter powered by a Citroën engine. A shop will allow you to conclude your visit by buying some souvenirs.

Practical information of the Citroën Conservatory


You can also visit the Peugeot-Citroën-DS Adventure website:


Open Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Guided tours (duration about 1h30) on reservation by phone or online.


Adults10,00 €
Youth (7 to 18 years old)€5.00
Children (under 7 years old)Free
Stellantis Collaborators8,50 €
Members of L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DSFree
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