The Horacio Pagani Museum is located next to the factory where Pagani hypercars are manufactured. Horacio Pagani created his company in the 1990s with the aim of designing and producing an ultimate hypercar, the first Pagani then left the manufacture in the early 2000s. With their 2 pairs of round headlights, the 4 exhaust nozzles in the center of the stern, the mirrors on thin carbon rods, the Pagani are immediately identifiable.


Pagani having marketed only 2 models, the Zonda then the Huayra (the brand new Utopia has just been presented), the Pagani Museum is obviously a small museum, but of a very high quality. In total, a dozen cars are on display, including several versions of bodies and finishes of the Zonda. Pagani are produced in small or even very small series, so encountering one on the street is extremely rare. The interest of this museum is to be able to get very close to these exceptional cars, to turn around, to observe them from every angle …

Several cars are open, which allows you to admire the quality of finish of the interiors and carbon shells. You can climb a few steps of a staircase on the side, in order to have a more global view of the exhibition hall. Among the nuggets, the “Nonna“, the Zonda N°2 chassis which was used for all aero and mechanical developments, and thus covered the trifle of 550,000 km! The car has been refurbished to be exhibited at the museum where it can be admired, doors and hoods wide open!

Next to the cars

A space at the entrance of the museum recalls the story of Horacio Pagani and presents some of his first creations. A few style models, carbon body elements or mechanical parts detail the quality of work at Pagani. The Pagani are powered by an AMG V12, with or without turbo, one of which sits in a showcase. A small shop offers a few objects, books and a range of textiles bearing the logo, whose presentation reflects the search for quality cars. You can also opt for a guided tour, possibly coupled with a visit of the factory.

Practical information



Monday to Friday9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday (museum only)9:30 – 12:30
For guided tours: email to

Rates Museum, free visit

Adults18,00 €
Seniors (over 65 years old)15,00 €
Children (under 12 years old)Free

Rates Museum, guided tour

Adults23,00 €
Seniors (over 65 years old), Youth (12 – 18 years old), groups€20.00
Children (under 12 years old)Free

Rates Museum + factory, guided tour

Adults55,00 €
Seniors (over 65 years old), Youth (12 – 18 years old)25,00 €
Children (under 12 years old)Free
Groups (min 15 people), per person€48.00

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