The Automobile Museum is part of the Pierre Gianadda Foundation, created by Leonardo Gianadda in memory of his brother Pierre. It is a cultural foundation offering permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as a concert hall and a park. Inaugurated in 1981, the Automobile Museum exhibits about fifty cars.


Dating from the end of the19th century to the middle of the20th, the cars presented at the Pierre Gianadda Foundation Automobile Museum are representative of the evolution of the automobile during this period. The collection includes prestigious automobiles such as Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza, Isotta-Fraschini, Mercedes-Benz or Rolls-Royce, pioneers such as De Dion Bouton, Berliet or the Ford T, or several Martini built in Switzerland at the beginning of the20th century. The cars are maintained and in working order for the most part.

Besides cars

The Pierre Gianadda Foundation has several museographic spaces, including a large Gallo-Roman museum, established around the remains of a Celtic temple discovered in 1976. This space of the Foundation presents the main archaeological finds made in Martigny. One building also houses the ruins of a Tepidarium, while the restored Old Arsenal also hosts temporary art exhibitions. The Foundation’s shop offers a large selection of books on art as well as many gift ideas. The restaurant in the park, open from March to November, welcomes visitors, who can also picnic in the park.

Practical information

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Open all year round
June to November9am – 6pm
November to June10am – 6pm


AdultsSw F 18.00
Seniors (over 6 years old)Sw F 16.00
PMRSW F 14.00
Students (up to 25 years), Youth (from 10 to 17 years)Sw F 10.00
Children (under 10 years old)Free
Families (Parents and minor children)SW F38.00
Reduced rate for groups (from 10 people), see foundation website

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