As its name suggests, Henri Fradet’s CitroMuseum automobile museum is dedicated solely to Citroëns. The collection covers more particularly the post-war models up to the 2000s.

The goal at CitroMuseum is to present cars in original condition and with low mileage. The cars that the museum recovers are obviously cleaned and restored to working order. However, some require more complete restorations when they have remained stored for a long time. They are then maintained in perfect working order.

The museum extends over an area of 2500 m² divided into 3 buildings. This makes it possible to display the cars into 3 categories, the 2 CV, twin cylinders and derivatives, the DS and the Tractions, the other models and the youngtimers. All the models on display are cars that have been in the official catalog of the brand, no bodybuilder derivatives for example.

CitroMuseum cars

In total, the collection includes more than 120 cars. There are several models of 2 CV, from the type A (the first 2 CV) to the last productions of the 80s. Among the models from the 2 CV, we find the Dyane and AMI 6 and AMI 8 as well as the Mehari. Sedans, station wagons, vans give an idea of the variety of versions produced. A few Tractions and many DS represent the other extreme of the Citroën range of the time.

A 1938 Traction , sort of the museum’s grandmother, is the only pre-war car. Produced for nearly 20 years, the DS is present here with various engines and bodies, including the rarest convertibles. Moreover, the most remarkable car of the museum is certainly the oldest DS marketed known to date. This is the n° 32, presented rotating in his plate, as on the first day of the Paris Salon, October 6, 1955.

The story continues with the other models produced by the brand from the small AX to the CX, XM and SM through the GS and Visa. There is in particular a CX Prestige Turbo2 with only 136km on the clock, almost new! More experimental and rare cars such as the M35 or the GS Birotor testify to the attempt to use the rotary engine. A rare Xantia Activa V6 is also on display.

Henri Fradet regularly completes his collection, with the aim of presenting not only all Citroën models, but also special series. Thus, in 2022, a GSA Tuner joined the exhibition, completing the list of GSA special series. The latest addition is a GS Birotor, in a rare Delta Blue color.

Each vehicle is presented with its sheet indicating the model and history as well as any press articles and documents concerning the car.

Besides cars

CitroMuseum presents some vans including the HY better known under the colloquial name of “Tub”. The museum exhibits a decoration entirely of period and still linked to Citroën. The visitor discovers pedal cars, signs, enamelled plates (which have often been recovered new and in their original packaging!), pennants, posters … Other rarities, CitroMuseum has a collection of more than 200 logos considered and not retained by Citroën. The technical particularities are also highlighted, with engines, gearboxes or chassis that have made the reputation of Citroën.

Finally the realization of a gas station “Antar” of the 70s completes the visit.

The cars being refurbished and maintained on site, we also note the presence of a perfectly equipped workshop!

Practical information for CitroMuseum

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mid-April (12/04/2022) to mid-October, Every day2pm – 6pm
July – August, Every day10am – 6pm


Adults 8€ , Children 4€

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